Johanna Richter, MS, RDN, CD, LDN

Johanna Richter, MS, RDN, CD, LDN

My Story

I know you. I know your challenges, concerns, and stress around food and nutrition. I know because I've lived it and nutrition changed my life — for the better.

Before I became a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, I had a stressful career in finance. I worked long hours, survived on business meals and caffeine, and traveled between Chicago, New York, and Washington, D.C.

That high-stress life affected my health. Eventually, I was diagnosed with digestive problems. Due to my severe food reactions, I dreaded eating. I hated most of the foods that I used to love.

Nutrition and the low FODMAP diet changed my life. My experience inspired me to become a nutritionist in order to help people with food and nutrition issues.

I completed my graduate degree and dietetic internship with the University of Illinois at Chicago, including clinical rotations at NorthShore University HealthSystem and Northwest Community Hospital.

I'm an expert in the areas of wellness and prevention, digestive health, and weight management. I help adults with low FODMAP and gluten-free diets. I'm also experienced with autoimmune and neurological conditions.

I currently split my time between Seattle and Chicago, while I'm in the process of transitioning permanently to Seattle. For now, I love being able to enjoy all of the wonderful things about both cities.

In my spare time, I enjoy cooking, yoga, and the outdoors. I've hiked the Grand Canyon twice and completed my first 14er. I've been to 47 of 50 states, visited 4 continents, lived in Europe, and can order food in 5 languages.

Sessions are available online by secure video chat or in-person. I'm only meeting with new clients online or at my office in Seattle's Lower Queen Anne neighborhood. Many of my clients are only online and find that experience best fits their busy lifestyles.


MS Clinical Nutrition & Supervised Practice - University of Illinois at Chicago

BS Business Administration, Finance - University of Arizona

Design Foundation - IIT Institute of Design


Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics

Dietitians in Integrative & Functional Medicine

Sports, Cardiovascular & Wellness Nutrition


Weight Concerns (Non-diet Approach)

General Health, Prevention & Wellness

Digestive Health (Low FODMAP, Gluten Free)

Disordered Eating

Insulin Resistance (Pre-Diabetes, Diabetes)



Nutrition Counseling

Medical Nutrition Therapy

Health Coaching

Meal Planning

Journal Review

Corporate Wellness

Group Education


My Approach


My professional approach is from a place of genuine care, empathy, and understanding. I listen and respond to your individual needs with positivity and encouragement. I trust your wisdom about your body and self. I accept your experience and views, along with their roles in your relationship with food. 


Think of me as the guide on your personal wellness journey. Your goals are your own and my job is to help you find your way to uncovering and realizing them. I know what's possible and how to deal with obstacles that appear along the way. My guiding role reminds you of your personal motivation and empowers you with the knowledge and resources for success.


Your most powerful resource is my robust knowledge of nutrition and wellness. My education and experience allows me to quickly respond to your questions with answers based on the latest scientific research and medical practices. This expertise is invaluable for managing both short-term and long-term nutrition and wellness goals. 


Feel Satisfied.

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