My Approach

My approach emphasizes the relationships among food, mind, and body, while highlighting self-care, mindfulness, and positivity. I work with clients with goals related to digestive health and many others. 

Digestive Health

For clients with digestive issues, such as Crohn’s Disease, Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), or Ulcerative Colitis, we work together to identify ways to reduce symptoms by making changes to your diet. My initial approach is less restricted, reserving elimination diet protocols (low FODMAP, SCD) as a secondary course of action.

Hormonal Disorders

After working with a significant number of clients with hormone-disrupting disorders, especially PCOS, I understand the need for personalized recommendations. We’ll focus on minimizing complications, such as food cravings and blood sugar fluctuations (i.e. hypoglycemia) through food quality, type, and timing.

Wellness & Prevention

For clients with wellness and prevention goals, most of our time is spent on nutrition education. We focus on the best ways to incorporate nutritious foods into your usual routine. This includes recommendations about types and amounts of foods. We’ll strategize about planning and preparing meals at home, or restaurant menu options.

Weight Concerns (Non-Diet Approach)

The number on a scale doesn’t define health. My health-centered approach emphasizes developing awareness of your personal nutrition needs, increasing your intake of whole, nutritious foods, and understanding your satisfaction level.