Nutrition & Wellness Services

How do I prepare for my first appointment?

  1. Call your insurance plan in order to verify your coverage and benefits for nutrition counseling.

  2. Many clients find it helpful to bring a notebook for taking notes, along with a list of questions.

  3. Bring any additional paperwork that you feel might be helpful ( journal).

What can I expect during our initial session?

Nutrition therapy sessions are a time for us to talk about your needs and nutrition goals. During your initial session we discuss your health, history, and personal situation in terms of food and nutrition. My approach is conversational, which means that session topics are flexible and adaptable to your needs. Nutrition-related topics that we might discuss include:

  • Health Goals

  • Medical History

  • Food Tastes & Preferences

  • Personal Experience with Food

  • Nutrition Education

  • Tips for Cooking at Home / Dining Out

  • Meal Planning Ideas

  • Supplements

  • Nutrition Science / Popular Media

Will health insurance pay for nutrition services?

Nutrition therapy is covered by most insurance plans. Coverage varies by insurance plan, often with different rules about referrals, reason for visit, and network/out-of-network providers. Before we meet, it is your responsibility to verify your own benefits and understand your financial responsibilities (co-payment, co-insurance, deductibles).

How often will we meet?

Most clients meet with me either weekly or bi-monthly, depending on personal needs, situation, and goals.  

Will we talk between sessions?

Between sessions, you are responsible for choices that support your nutrition goals. You have the option to add-on coaching calls to enhance your personal motivation and accountability. This optional service includes 20-minute phone calls to discuss your experience and progress in terms of lifestyle, habit, and behavior changes.

Will you plan my meals?

Working together, we determine the best meal planning approach, based on your personal situation. These options might include grocery list of basic staples, routine meal combination ideas, and restaurant menu suggestions.

Do I need to count calories or track macros?

No, I want you to focus on food, not numbers. During your first nutrition counseling session, we talk about your usual day in terms of food, including breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, and drinks. I analyze this information relative to your nutritional needs and communicate any suggested changes.

Recommendations are given with food examples and evidence-based explanations. If you elect to track your food between sessions, then you receive feedback on those entries as often as you feel comfortable. Journal review is available for an extra fee.