Nutrition Therapy & Coaching Sessions

What can I expect?

Sessions are a time for us to talk about your needs and identify your goals. During your initial session we discuss your personal situation and obstacles that stopped you in the past. This session, along with your answers from the intake paperwork, helps me understand which issues we need to work on together.

We work together to prioritize short-term goals that support the long-term outcomes you seek. Between sessions, you are responsible for choices that support these nutrition goals. However, you can call upon your learning experience and strategies from our sessions to enhance your personal motivation and accountability.

Will we talk between sessions?

For questions about the information you receive or your current goals, I respond by email. If you have questions about new topics or issues, we will talk about them during your next session. If you prefer a response sooner, I will respond to topics that can be answered quickly, in less than 5 minutes. If the topic requires a more lengthy explanation, I'll let you know and suggest that we discuss it during our next session.    

How often will we meet?

Most clients meet with me monthly, but frequency and session length depend on your personal needs and situation. Some clients only need 2 or 3 sessions to learn ways to improve their diet for general wellness or to understand how nutrition plays a role in management of a medical condition. Other clients require more frequent sessions to help with accountability and motivation while making behavior changes.   

How long will it take to achieve results?

This depends on your commitment and actions between sessions, along with your frequency of sessions. Overall, clients usually work with me for 3 to 12 months before entering a maintenance phase. During the first month, meeting weekly or twice a month might be suggested, but is not required. After the first month, meeting monthly is recommended.

Will you plan my meals?

Working together, we determine the best meal planning options based on your personal situation. These options might include any mix of the following: customized meal plans with shopping lists, coordinated meal prep with personal chefs, meal kit delivery service, grocery list of basic staples, routine meal combination ideas, and restaurant menu suggestions.

Will I need to count calories or track macros?

No, I want you to focus on food, not numbers. During your first session, we talk about your usual day in terms of food, including breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, and drinks. Afterwards, I analyze this information relative to your nutritional needs and communicate any suggested changes.

Recommendations are given with food examples, portion suggestions, and evidence-based explanations. If you elect to track your food between sessions, then you receive feedback on those entries as often as you feel comfortable. Feedback during sessions is complimentary and weekly journal review is available for an extra fee.